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Sofmon was born from the realisation that nowadays software applications and projects are mostly busy with their own source code and internal processes instead of solving business challenges.

Too many projects setup technology as the key to success, instead of focusing on the value their company can bring to the world.

At Sofmon we strive to use technology as a mean to achieve our customers goals and nothing more. We liberate our customers from the grip of technology and never ending upgrade cycles, so they can focus on their purpose.

Give us something to believe in, and we will help you build it.


Our team brings what your business should consider a commodity, so you can start right away with those killer features.


True BizDevOps culture is hard to nurture. This is the reason our team works best with startups in the beginning of their digital journey or companies ready for their digital transformation.

Working with your development teams, we can illustrate how the most important knowledge they need is not the technical skills, but the reason why those skills are needed.

We start by building our customers CI/CD/CT (Continues Integration,  Continues Deployment, Continues Testing) pipelines and procedures based on conventions which enables the team to understand, build, test, deploy and maintain the software they create.

We focus on cloud deployments, bringing value from day one.


Modern solutions are complex, but they don’t need to be complicated.

Sofmon’s experience with micro-services architecture will help you design a solution that is simple to understand and easy to deploy.

The micro-services architecture is a direct result of the BizDevOps culture, where every business process is described, designed and implemented as separate micro-service.

This modern architecture allows a small team to continue work on new features, altering existing services only if the corresponding business processes are changed.


Testing your code is important. Never the less it tests the code, not the business process it is meant to represent.

Sofmon can help you start testing the behaviour of your solution through convention and automation.

Such automated behaviour testing is part of our CI/CD/CT pipelines from the start. It is the foundation of the BizDevOps culture that we nurture and one of our most prised products.

Automated behaviour testing is the key for your continues deployment to production, multiple times, every day, from day one.


We draw our confidence on our experience with some of the leading companies in the world.

Even though we think we have “cracked it” today, we hope to be wrong in 5 years, as the tech world continues to evolve.

Our innovative thinking will keep us, and our customers, prepared for the future.


Our team is located in The Netherlands and we are just a video call away.

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